Get the fog out and save the expense of window replacement.

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Our unique process quickly and
permanently removes moisture from
failed thermal pane windows and
restores their insulating R-Value.
Saving you the time and expense of
window replacement. All done
without removing the glass. Plus we
back it with a 20 year warranty!


Residential / Condominium / Commercial / Plusaire Home Ventilation / Scratch & Grafiti Removal
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 Featured FAQ

Question: Solution for Indoor Window Condensation?
Answer: Virtualy eliminate condensation on windows. Tell me more...

Question: Effect on "R" Value
Answer: "R" value is restored. Tell me more...

Question: Cause of Moisture Buildup
Answer: Seal failure is the cause of moisture buildup Tell me more...

Question: What is the cost to restore a window?
Answer: Repair cost of a foggy window with moisture in it... Tell me more...

Question: Time of Repair Process
Answer: repairs can be compleated in a short time frame Tell me more...

Question: High Rise Window Repair
Answer: Fogfree is able to service all types of buildings. Tell me more...

Question: How Many To Replace
Answer: Preventitive treatment will extend life of windows Tell me more...

Question: No Signs of Moisture -- Test Anyway?
Answer: Testing will reveal failed windows. Tell me more...

 Featured About Us

FogFree Services
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Plusaire Home Ventilation
Plusaire home ventilation systems bring fresh air into the home eliminating the toxic air and high humidity in the home.
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Customers' first impressions are very important. Get the fog out of your store front windows.
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